A pioneer in slimming aids, LANAFORM® is constantly developing new products that will help you achieve your dream silhouette and younger-looking skin.


LANAFORM® prides itself on helping you care for yourself and those around you. This is why Lanaform offers products for the measurement of various vital parameters such as temperature, weight, blood pressure and pulse. These aim to improve the quality of life through a comprehensive health management.

Air quality

Because breathing clean air is important, LANAFORM® has consulted specialists in order to develop a range of devices aimed at improving the quality of the air around you. They will reduce the various problems caused by poor air quality, allowing you to get on with and enjoy your life.


Keen to provide you with all the comfort and warmth you deserve, LANAFORM® works continuously to develop products that allow you to look after yourself whilst taking time to unwind.


LANAFORM® has designed a number of products to improve your well-being. These ranges cover all related aspects of fitness, whether to help you get in shape or unwind.

Beauty products

To ensure your beauty and appearance last as long as possible, LANAFORM® has developed a whole range of products that help you take care of your health and body.

Foot Reflex

Description :

The Foot Reflex reflexology shoes from Lanaform use the principles of Chinese medicine whereby each part of the body is represented by the nerve endings in a specific part of the foot. With the Foot Reflex reflexology shoes, these “reflex” points are massaged and the balance of your organs can be restored.

Specifications :

  • Consisting of 82 massaging tips
  • Stimulation of different acupuncture points on the arch of the foot
  • Releases tension in the body through a simple walking action
  • Shoe size: 37 to 44

Technical specifications :

  • Massage zone Feet

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