on Jun 28, 2017 08:45

Taking care of yourself during the holidays

Ideas for activities for taking care of yourself during the holidays

The holidays are coming, and what’s better than the holiday period for taking care of yourself? Relax, think about yourself and do the things that you like (and that you don’t have time to do during the rest of the year), to refocus on yourself and recharge those batteries. Here are some neat ways to indulge yourself during the holidays!

Let’s have a look at what you can do on holiday to take care of yourself

Activities for the open air, for relaxation or for your well-being - see our selection for taking care of yourself this summer:

Relaxing and taking care of yourself at home


Because you don’t always have time to open a good book during the rest of the year, take advantage of the holidays to give yourself a break for reading. Whether it’s a good novel or an inspirational book, reading is an ideal activity for relaxing and indulging yourself!


Focusing on yourself is important for taking care of yourself, whether on holiday or during the rest of the year. Meditation is an excellent way of unwinding and being able to start afresh, after a stressful day, for example.


Drawing enables you to unwind while occupying your mind with a creative activity. We have also seen the return of mandala colouring books recently with a real purpose of well-being. Drawing is therefore one of the perfect activities for taking care of yourself during the holidays! 

Listening to music

It’s long been known that music has therapeutic properties. Listening to music enables you to relax and free your mind.

What other activities are there for taking care of yourself on holiday?


Doing sport also enables you to take care of yourself. This is because exercising releases endorphins - hormones that, once secreted into the blood, produce beneficial effects for countering anxiety and stress. It’s a good reason to find time for sporting activities on holiday!

A walk in the forest/in nature

There’s nothing like spending time far from the madding crowd to recharge the batteries and take care of yourself. The holidays are the ideal time to go out hunting for beautiful green corners in the vicinity.

Spending time with those you love

Spending time with family and friends is beneficial for feeling good! And since you don’t always have time to enjoy being with them during the rest of the year, take advantage of the holidays to spend time with those you love.

Another tip: Switch off and leave smartphones and tablets at home to make the most of the time spent together.

Activities for recharging the batteries while taking care of your body

Take a relaxing bath

There is nothing better for taking care of yourself than a good bath. Add a bath bomb, some candles and some background music to help you relax and you have all your need for a successful, relaxing day of your holiday.

Taking care of your skin and body

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your skin and body. Exfoliate your face and body, use a face mask and cover yourself with cream - there’s nothing better for unwinding and relaxing during the holidays!


When taking care of yourself over the coming weeks, think about hydromassage as well, a massage technique using water that enables you to unwind and relax.

And there is nothing like being able to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage in your very own bathroom, thanks to equipment designed for the purpose. Hydromassage equipment for the bath or a hydromassage device for the feet, just choose your favourite!

And for even more relaxation, take a look at our inflatable spa - a must for relaxing on your next holiday!

How do you take care of yourself when on holiday?