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How to strengthen your immune system ?

Strengthen your immune system

Recently the temperature outdoors has been yo-yoing. To our delight, it has been very mild for several days, but much cooler temperatures are around the corner. So watch out for microbes and viruses that will be resuming their activities. The best ally to avoid them as far as possible is your immune system. How do you strengthen it? We will tell you!

Strengthening your immune system through sleep

Do you think snoozing is losing? Wrong - a good night of comfortable, restorative sleep is not only advisable but necessary. It only takes one sleepless night to weaken your immune system. Setting aside a sufficient number of hours is fundamental for your body and mind. 7 to 8 hours’ sleep a night are recommended by doctors. Obviously, sleeping well doesn’t happen on its own and it is important for people who have trouble sleeping that they follow a winding-down routine before going to bed.


  • use organic essential oils such as lavender or mandarin via a diffuser to help you get to sleep.
  • make sure you feel comfortable in bed, for example, choose a pillow that moulds to your shape.

Boosting your immune system through the quality of the air you breathe

Guaranteeing the quality of the air that we breathe is very important. Once inhaled, it has direct consequences for our well-being. This natural need, which proves to be vital for each and every one of us, can entail numerous complications if it is not clean.

  • Air that is too humid can bring on allergies, asthma, etc.
  • Air that is too dry can dry out the mucous membrane and the skin, bringing on fatigue. Maintaining a humidity level of 40-60% is generally advised. This level can provide the optimum level of comfort and considerably reduce the spreading of bacteria and viruses.


  • humidify the air with a humidifier
  • check the humidity level with a digital hygrometer
  • diffuse essential oil with eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, etc. to purify the air, clear your respiratory tracts and combat microbes.

Do some physical activity to keep fit and strengthen your immune system

30 minutes of physical exercise every day are recommended to stay healthy throughout the year. Physical activity is called an “immunostimulant”, i.e. our immune system will be boosted and energised by an increased flow of antibodies and white blood cells, as they move around our bodies more quickly. For example, it is thought that the risk of respiratory infection is reduced by around 40%. However, be careful not to do too much too quickly. Moderate physical activity suited to your profile is recommended to prevent the risk of the opposite happening.

Do not forget when strengthening your immune system:

  • Top up with vitamin D via luminotherapy. Vitamin D activates the white blood cells needed to make antibodies and destroy microbes.
  • Say no to stress by trying to reduce it as far as possible. It uses up energy, weakening the body’s defences.

Our grandmother’s tip for strengthening your immune system:

An invigorating drink based on fresh ginger

  • Boil a piece of fresh ginger (grated or crushed) in water.
  • Add some pieces of cinnamon and/or some cloves.
  • Drink the infusion 3 times a day.

Thanks to our advice, you will be ready to tackle the colder seasons.
On your mark..., Get set... Go!