on Nov 17, 2017 10:04

There are numerous tips for staying on good form and keeping your chin up

Preventing a lack of light.

November is a difficult month for our mood and morale. That old game of hide-and-seek with our good friend the daylight has been going on for some time. Even though it is trying to play tricks on us, don’t give up - keep your chin up. There are numerous simple tips for staying on good form throughout the year.

We have to deal with a lack of light from October to May

Light regulates our body clock by secreting the hormones responsible for our physical and cerebral activity. The light received by our eye cells sends the “day”/“night” information to our brain. This is how our body clock is set to a 24-hour cycle. As soon as daylight makes way for darkness, our brain starts to secrete hormones such as melatonin, which encourages sleep. Hence it is not surprising that a lack of energy kicks in as soon as the amount of daylight starts to reduce each day.

1st tip: Stop hibernating and go looking for light

Every moment outdoors, however long it is for, must be savoured. Once the day is over it soon gets dark. There is only one thing we want to do - go back to the warmth and cocoon ourselves.
So take time to get plenty of light during the day. Fancy a bit of sunlight during your lunch break? Go for a walk. On top of alleviating the lack of light, it is an ideal opportunity for relaxing and getting a bit of exercise.

The result?

  • better concentration
  • better morale
  • a reduction in stress

2nd tip: Don’t press your pause button as soon as the light disappears

Despite the colder weather and shorter days, this time of year offers the opportunity to enjoy seasonal evening activities. Don’t stay cloistered up indoors. Plan trips with friends to the cinema, or the restaurant, or the theatre, or the spa... Or plan a visit to the Christmas market! Parties and their magical ambiance will soon revive your spirits!

3rd tip: Make light part of your daily routine

It is important to take advantage of this time of year to slow down a bit and enjoy being at home. This is why a well-decorated, welcoming interior is essential for appreciating these moments at home.

  • Create a pleasant scented ambiance by using essential oils and their multiple benefits.
  • create a warm, reassuring interior atmosphere. Of course, the presence of light is imperative here and needs to be considered - candles, designer lamps, light chains, etc. You hold the keys when it comes to creating a luminous environment to your taste.
  • take advantage of the benefits of luminotherapy, which is aimed at simulating solar radiation so the benefits of daylight can be appreciated at any time.

4th tip: Cocooning moments - your weapon against the lack of light

Your well-being also depends on the amount of time you spend on it. Don’t blame yourself for doing nothing. Cocooning doesn’t mean staying in bed. Lots of other activities are covered by the term “cocooning”. For example:

  • reading a book,
  • catching up on a television series,
  • preparing healthy seasonal meals containing plenty of vitamin D,
  • having a manicure,
  • indulging in your favourite sport,
  • etc.

In other words, give yourself a chance to do things that will give you a boost and that you enjoy.
And if you are still missing the light and the warmth, why not go on holiday?!