on Sep 07, 2017 11:34

How to handle the end of the holidays as calmly as possible

Face the return to work calmly

The end of the holidays is a cause for celebration for some and despair for others. Either way, it is impossible to avoid... Here are some tips on handling this period with calmness and on great form. How do you get into the right frame of mind for the end of the holidays and take advantage of the numerous new challenges this period offers? We will tell you...

Get back into a regular sleeping pattern in the post-holiday period

In summer, the days are longer, the weather is better and the time is right for doing outdoor activities and spending the evening outdoors. Our routine is more flexible during the summer season. When the end of the holidays is knocking at our door and the days are getting shorter, it’s hard to hold on to the same routine without feeling the consequences. So it’s important to adopt a regime that is in tune with your desires and needs and to stick to it. Try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. You will then be rested for tackling your new post-holiday challenges and avoid difficult mornings. There is nothing like having a routine set in advance and that suits you for starting the day in a good mood.

Lanaform‘s advice for getting a good night’s sleep:

choosing the right pillow

ventilation and purifying the air in your bedroom

adopting little rituals before going to bed

sleeping without dust mites

diffusing a real lavender essential oil

Light - a fantastic boost for increasing our post-holiday well-being

Once September is here, the days are getting darker and most of the time we are faced with artificial lighting in our offices. This is a difficult transition that tends to give us the blues. Go outside! Don’t stay indoors - take advantage of the daylight outdoors that autumn offers. The sun and all its benefits are still out there. So we strongly advise you to plan a short stroll every day, be it an alfresco lunch or walking to work (if possible). Also, take advantage of the benefits of luminotherapy to get over the return to work.

Effective throughout the day, luminotherapy can also help you sleep. Even those who really like their bed can’t resist the call of gentle, phased light to help start the day with the necessary oomph.

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Adopt a good diet to face the return to work on great form

Long live the barbecues, cocktails and staggered meals of summer! But when the holidays are over, we put these practices to one side and adopt a varied, healthy diet with regular meal times.
Meal times are breaks that cannot be missed, No more getting up late, 30 seconds max for lunch and/or dinner in 5 minutes in front of the screen between tasks. Make the most of this deserved break to empty your mind, relax, breathe and recuperate thanks to a good meal.    

To face the end of the holidays, pace your days and look after yourself

To avoid overworking your mind, we recommend taking a few minutes in the day to plan it properly, so there is some structure to what you do. Of course, never forget to give yourself some downtime, with some meditation, a massage, or indeed some sport/fitness, etc. Enjoy yourself!