on Aug 30, 2017 13:00

Going away out of season to counter the end-of-holiday gloom

Find out why it is better to go away out of season.

The end of the holidays is around the corner! And the next school holidays are when? In 10 months...
Have you not had a chance to get away yet, and are you thinking it’s too late? Or have you already been away and are already daydreaming about your next holiday? Don’t panic - there’s still time to get away! There are several significant advantages to going away out of season and relaxing away from the summer crowds. Stop feeling blue and read our tips, which will give your mood more of a boost than taking 10 vitamin C tablets at once.

Going away out of season allows you to avoid pre-holiday stress

The school holiday period can be a source of stress at work. You need to get ready to go away, make sure that everything is in order for when you are away and brief the person who will be keeping an eye on your work while you are travelling. Going away wracked with stress is not the best solution. When it’s time to go away, you will need some time in which to unwind from your job. It’s all part of it.
Going away out of season when you can expect the majority of your colleagues to be back is ideal. It means you can go away without worrying, in the certainty that there won’t be a pile of work on your desk that hasn’t been dealt with when you get back. What’s more, while your colleagues will be depressed about coming back home, you can look forward to your forthcoming trip.

Go away out of season to make the most of your trip

A holiday is the time to go on an adventure, discover new places, new cultures, get away from everyday constraints - in short, to switch off and settle into a pace of life far from the irritations of everyday life. You will have time for a few sports sessions, but with the leisure of doing things without being held to a strict schedule and not being crowded out by people around you. You can enjoy restful lengths in the swimming pool, long walks through the wonderful countryside, morning runs, lie-ins and time for sunbathing. After a year of work, that’s the kind of holiday break you want and have deserved.

Go away out of season and save money

The month of September is ideal for going on holiday. It’s the time to enjoy the last days of summer with no crowds or overbooked destinations. Going away out of season gives you a choice of a large number of destinations at much more favourable prices. Forget the stress of making last-minute reservations to make sure of getting somewhere in your fourth, fifth or even sixth destination of choice. Prepare for your trip without panic, and go and discover your destination of choice at reduced prices. Of course, there’s no need to add that little indulgences are permitted!

Go away out of season several times a year

If the idea of a trip relaxes and excites you, why not organise several holidays a year? After all, you can travel whatever the season. Every time of year has its charm.
Planning activities that you enjoy for the short term and the long term is a good way to proceed and face the return to work with energy and calmness.

Going away out of season and taking care of yourself every day

When you come back from holiday - out of season or not - you are full of nostalgia for your trip. To prevent losing any of the benefits of your trip, carry on looking after yourself by adopting everyday well-being habits.