on Aug 02, 2017 14:50

Cold vapour or hot steam for your facial skin care regime?

Pollution and make-up residues, added to seasonal temperature variations - this cocktail of nasties is a nightmare for the skin! To care for your face, take advantage of the benefits of steam.
But is cold vapour or hot steam better for you?

Hot steam for facial cleansing and skin care

Thanks to the dilation of the pores brought about by use of an electric facial sauna, steam provides deep cleansing and gets rid of impurities and excess sebum, while enabling the skin to breathe.
Not only are you looking after your skin by hydrating it, you are also retaining its elasticity by stimulating your blood circulation.
Furthermore, care products and cosmetic creams can penetrate the skin better, ensuring an optimum moisturising effect.

Why look after your skin with cold vapour?

Use of cold vapour also has its share of benefits. This can be in addition to the application of hot steam or can be used alone as part of your skin care regime. Looking after your face in this way will give it a new lease of life.
The cold will:

  • close up the pores again
  • strengthen it
  • make it smoother
  • tone it

Furthermore, there will be no more morning swelling of the eyes and face - applying cold vapour when you wake up will give your face a glow all day long!

An electric facial sauna as part of your daily skin care regime

Agreed, using this technique on a daily basis can be tedious. Going to a wellness centre or a spa to give yourself a steam bath is not an everyday activity and can be time-consuming when your days are already full. Nevertheless, there are several types of electric facial sauna that diffuse steam. Why not try this wellness ritual to look after your skin at home?
A few minutes a day is all you need to feel the benefits of steam on the skin and give you a moment of real relaxation.

How to look after your face using steam

To get the most out of a facial sauna, proceed as follows:

  • Start by cleansing your face with your usual products
  • Then give it a scrub
  • Find a comfortable position and place the facial sauna in front of you at face height
  • Relax and feel the benefits of the heat and steam action for about 15 minutes.
  • Let your face dry in the air, then apply the day cream or serum of your choice.
  • Once the cream or serum has been absorbed, apply cold vapour to your face and feel the wave of freshness.

Frequency of use

You are advised to carry out this type of care weekly if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, use every fortnight is recommended.

A final piece of advice...

Combine the facial sauna with aromatherapy (use of essential oils in water), or phytotherapy (infusion of leaves), for a scrub as well as for inhalation.

In this way you will be looking after your skin, well-being and health using the inhalation function.

Once you have done this, all you have to do is admire the results! You will have radiant skin and a sparkling

complexion, and will feel the satisfaction of having taken good care of your face in no time. Why not give it a go?