on Mar 09, 2018 11:54

Act now for radiant skin this spring!

radiant skin

The countdown to the return of the good weather has begun. Soon it will be time to put those cosy evenings of cocooning behind us and replace them with other seasonal activities. The passage from winter to spring has a direct effect on our bodies and, consequently, our skin. At Lanaform, we have decided to spring into action now. Here is our advice.

Cleanse your face for radiant skin

To detox your skin (rich diet, more make-up, etc.) and get rid of the impurities that have built up over the winter, you need to give your skin a regular deep cleanse. Do this in the evening ideally, using a gentle cleanser so as not to damage the face, because it has been weakened by the winter cold. Why not use our Lucea product?. It will help clean your pores gently but deeply, thanks to its silicone micro-beads.

You need to moisturise your skin to make it radiant

After cleansing your skin, don’t forget to moisturise it. This simple daily activity will enable you to keep your skin firm and elastic. This is also an excellent tip to prepare it for the return of the sun. Once saturated with water, it will be ready for the rays and tan more quickly.

Radiant skin thanks to exfoliation and masks

Don’t forget to massage your skin with an exfoliator once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin. This is an excellent technique for generating new skin and facing the good weather with rejuvenated skin. We advise you to use an exfoliator when applying a homemade mask.

Doing so after exfoliating will enable the mask to act on skin that is already cleansed and penetrate it better. It is easy to make masks adapted to your skin type using everyday products.

You can also use the technique of microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin and prevent ageing of the skin. This option is ideal for people looking for effective skin care in a minimum amount of time, without the constraints of exfoliation, which takes time to prepare. Why not try our MicroDermabrasion, which improves the overall look of the skin, making it smoother, younger and softer?

lost in lemons

Radiant skin thanks to a change of lifestyle 

Diet and exercise are also important for beautiful skin. Of course, we know that thick stews are better than salads in winter and that staying in the warmth is better than going to the gym. But you need to get back to former habits.

Take advantage of the good weather to fill up with the vitamins in fruit and vegetables. This is also the time to get out and make the most of the fresh air - go for a walk in the woods, a short run, a bike ride, do some exercises, etc.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Don’t miss out on sleep - getting plenty of sleep is fundamental for beautiful, radiant skin. Don’t sleep too much or too little. Try to understand your body rhythm and choose the most suitable number of hours of sleep.